• Milan Valcic

Leaders Are Saying

  1. Extremely inspirational! Mr. Valcic leads the way by example in the real sense of the word. I was proud to be a part of such a great team!

    — Jasmina _ Radojkovic, Owner, Hotel “Biser,” Krusevac

  2. I have never seen such enthusiasm and positive energy!

    — Ljiljana _ Rebronja, Tourist World magazine

  3. Thank you - you have helped me grow both as a manager and as a person.

    — Jason _ Mercier, Outlet Manager, Hilton Toronto

  4. The training style and information that my team and I received from Milan's Leadership Training has been invaluable. Not only does he teach you the fundamental leadership skills, he encompasses the value of commitment and desire to succeed. His guidance and motivation is very inspiring to our team. Each time we spend with Milan is a rewarding and positive experience!

    — Steve _ O'Brien, General Manager, One King West Hotel & Residences, Toronto

  5. Our EC and Leadership teams went on a retreat to grow as leaders and bond as a team and Milan was instrumental in accomplishing this task. Milan was a great facilitator that challenged our thoughts, ideas, and theories. His progressive approach allowed us to further strengthen our relationships. He was very professional, well prepared, and accommodating with our program to ensure that it accomplished its goals and objectives.

    — Dallas _ Hopko, Director of Human Resources, Intercontinental Toronto Centre

  6. I am a seniour manager in a large company who started falling behind in my work, missing deadlines, loosing respect from team members... even my health started to deteriorate. Milan was able to quickly help me find my skills and confidence again. After adjusting a few of my practices, I am an effective, well respected manager again. My energy level and productivity are high, and my workdays are shorter. I even have extra time for my family, hobbies, and new workplace initiatives! Thank you!!!

    — F. _ J., Seniour Manager, Toronto, Canada

  7. I fully endorse Milan _ Valcic as a leading organizational trainer to any organization looking for training and development for leaders of today and tomorrow. Milan encompasses the rare combination of theoretical knowledge and street savvy business sense. He took the time to understand our organization in order to customize a solution, and presented relevant theories and practices in a manner that engaged and inspired our team, allowing for real progress and improved organizational performance.

    — Martin _ Stitt, Regional Vice President, Delta Hotels & Resorts, Alberta

  8. I highly recommend Milan _ Valcic if you are looking for leadership training which offers real solutions to real management challenges, from someone who’s actually been there, whose concepts of and on leadership were moulded by real-world leadership responsibilities. Inspirational in the best sense of the word, Milan creates lasting impressions and an evolution in thinking necessary to make the leap from management to leadership.

    — Sean _ Strong, Global Project Manager, Penson Financials Worldwide Inc.

  9. A+! Mr. Valcic is impressive because of his broad knowledge, experience, and readiness to approach each participant individually. He inspired my desire to continuously improve myself and advance my career. The success of concepts taught in the seminar and Mr. Valcic’s own leadership style was reflected in the fact that even after the first day our group started functioning as a team.

    — Nevena _ Nikutovic, Hotel Manager, Hotel “Elitte,” Palic

  10. Milan is a great teacher whose focus is to bring out the best in people. Working with him was inspiring and highly motivational. He guided me through an intricate process in a very short period of time to realize key goals for my company. Our work together gave me direction and purpose in what I was doing with my team. Milan is also true to his heritage which speaks volumes about his character and contribution to young people in the Serbian community. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for not only a great leadership coach, but a great mentor as well.

    _ Milan Baic, Creative Director, Cordon Media Inc., Toronto

  11. A fantastic seminar! Full of energy and grounded in many real-life examples and excellent solutions for overcoming challenges. I sincerely recommend it to everyone who wishes to refresh and expand their knowledge of leadership and learn new techniques from the top level presenter and business expert.

    — Dragan _ Jakic, General Manager, Hotel “Termag,” Jahorina

  12. One of the greatest motivators I have ever encountered in my career! He gets things done the right way. I highly recommend Milan for any training sessions or projects you may need.

    — Naji _ Najdi, Director of Operations, Sheraton Cleveland

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