The solutions we provide are real, proven, and sustainable. They have been distilled from both timeless principles and emerging concepts and practices, tested and validated in the real world of business and social leadership.
We are also committed to ongoing testing of emerging leadership and management concepts and translating them into practical tools, so our clients can be confident that they are receiving the most relevant solutions available. 
All of our consulting, training, and coaching modules complement and reinforce each other and can be integrated in a variety of ways into a customized solution that will best support your unique needs and objectives.
Because we know that a large portion of benefits from, and investment into, even the best solutions are often lost due to the lack of follow-up, all of our programs include suggested follow-up actions designed to maximize the benefits and ensure that they are sustained.


Please contact us for more details or to discuss your specific needs and objectives.


It’s all so simple, Anjin-san.

Just change your concept of the world!

James Clavell,